What is multiple hiring?

Quite simply, multiple hiring is when two or more hirers use the same taxi at the same time. Multiple hiring can be used during the peak periods when demand for taxi services is high.  It is an efficient way to get large numbers of people to their destination in the shortest possible time.

Because the hirers are giving up their exclusive use of the taxi-cab, the fare is discounted for each hirer.  Regulation requires each hirer to agree to allow the driver to accept other hirings. Therefore, the hirer has the right to refuse to allow the driver to multiple hire if they would prefer not to share.

Multiple hiring is encouraged, but it should be noted that a driver cannot tout for any passengers. Of course during periods where cabs are readily available, Multiple Hiring may not be the best option.

Example: When friends and/or workmates are travelling together that is classed as one hiring, and the fare is paid at the end of the journey irrespective of how many drop off points there may be. This is called a shared ride, not a multiple hiring.

When does multiple hiring apply?

There is no rule about when multiple hiring applies but it should only be used when there are more passengers than there are taxi cabs available.

Multiple hirings must start at the same time and all hirers must be travelling to destinations in the same general directions. 

Paying the fare for a multiple hiring

The maximum fare that can be charged to each hirer is 75% of the standard authorised fare for the hirer’s section of the journey. For example a passenger and her friend hire a taxi from Terminal 2 at Sydney Airport and want to go to Circular Quay.  The woman agrees to allow the taxi driver to multiple hire and a gentleman going to Central Railway gets into the cab.   On arrival at Central Railway, the driver stops the meter.  If the total fare is $30, the driver charges the man $22.50 which is 75% of $30.  The driver restarts the meter and takes the woman and her friend to Circular Quay, whereupon the total fare is $44 and the woman is charged $33 which is 75% of $44.

*Note - fares used are for example only and do not represent actual fares. 



  • Reduced waiting times for customers in peak periods.
  • More efficient utilisation of Sydney’s taxi fleet.
  • Every hirer gets a discounted fare - the customer saves money.
  • The driver earns more for the trip.
  • For a cleaner, greener environment, share the kilometres