A taxi must be licenced to provide services in New South Wales.

Licenses can only be issued by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), but generally are thereafter transferable or able to be leased.  

An operator may purchase or lease an existing licence or may submit a tender to Transport for NSW for an annual licence renewable for 10 years. The market to trade or lease licences is  not regulated by RMS for people or organisations that are deemed fit to own or lease a licence.  The trading of taxi licences is subject to requirements under fair trading and it is recommended that interested parties get appropriate financial and legal advice prior to entering into an agreement to purchase and/or lease a licence.

For the Sydney Metropolitan Transport District, the Secretary of Transport for NSW determines the number of new licences to be issued each year and releases these licences through public auction or tender process.  Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Licenses may be leased from Transport for NSW at any time provided certain criteria are met.

Licences are advertised in the media for purchase under businesses for sale. You can also call the NSW Taxi Council or your local authorised taxi network for information.

In order to lease or operate a taxi you must be an accredited operator.

Operator Accreditation

Unless exempted, an operator must ensure that at all times arrangements are in force with a taxi network for the provision of a taxi booking service and that the taxi is fitted with a receiver capable of receiving messages from the network. RMS may exempt an operator from the requirements pertaining to affiliation with a network, and this can occur in country areas where there are few vehicles and network affiliation cannot be provided in a financially viable or reasonably achievable manner.


Roads and Maritime Services is extending the validity of current Taxi Driver Authorities, Private Hire Vehicle Driver Authorities and Taxi Operator Accreditations to 31 October 2017.

The extension has been granted in preparation for the transition to the Point to Point Transport (Taxis and Hire Vehicles) Act 2017 later this year.

There is no need for operators or drivers to apply for the extension, and there is no renewal fee. The new expiry date has been updated in the Roads and Maritime system, and NSW Police are being informed.

Operators and drivers will be formally notified by post from mid this week. Point to point transport fact sheets on the Roads and Maritime Services website and below.