NSW Taxi Council acknowledges the impact that the changes in the Point to Point regulations has had on the value of Taxi Licences across NSW. There has been a significant decrease in the values of Taxi licences across NSW and minimal assistance has been given to Taxi licence owners for the deregulation of the booked market in which a Taxi licence operates in, whereas other booked service licence owners have been afforded full value for their licence.

Example of inequity:  In the same town, a hire car licence whose work is 100% booked paid around $100,000 in the 1990’s for their licence and received over $170,000 in compensation recently and is still operating. The taxi licence owner whose work is 90% booked and is available 24/7, received $13,000 after tax. 

The NSW Taxi Council has engaged constructively with the NSW Government and the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure by putting in a submission intending to have the same solution as hire car license owners received in NSW. Time is now for equity and a fair go.

We are asking you to assist us in addressing this inequity by distributing a petition which could be accessed by clicking on the link below and getting it signed by as many drivers, operators, passengers, family and friends in your local area and send back to the NSW Taxi Council at the following address:

NSW Taxi Council - PO Box 1249, Darlinghurst NSW 1300.

Click Here to access the petition.