Inspection Requirements of New Vehicle as Taxi-Cab
It appears there is some confusion as to the inspection requirements for new vehicles as taxi-cabs.

The RTA does not require inspections of new vehicles up to five (5) years old. However, as an operator of a Public Passenger Vehicle there are additional standards under the Passenger Transport Regulation 2009 that must be met. 

Passenger Transport Regulation 2009 (Cl. 119) requires regular inspection of taxi-cabs. 

The operator of a taxi-cab must present the taxi-cab at an Authorised Taxi Inspection Station (ATIS) for inspection at least as frequently as the following (calculated from the date on which the taxi-cab was first registered as a taxi-cab):

This means taxi operators as part of their ‘Accreditation to carry on Public Passenger Services’ are required to have Inspections routinely as outlined above and include BOTH:
• The RTA e-check (mechanical); and
• The Taxi Inspection (comfort and quality).
ATIS Examiners are noting on Taxi Inspection Reports when a taxi-cab is out of the ‘Routine Inspection cycle’ and to further assist the monitoring of routine inspection requirements the ATIS label is now positioned when the inspection ‘was due’ (calculated from the date on which the taxi-cab was first registered as a taxi-cab).

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