Vehicle Maintenance Plan
An accredited taxi operator is required by legislation to have in place and adhere to a Vehicle Maintenance Plan (documented procedure) that at the minimum satisfies all
of the following:
  • Consistent with the vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance standards.
  • Specifies the steps taken to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy.
  • Specifies the way the vehicle is maintained.
  • Specifies the way in which vehicle defects are recorded and rectified.
  •  Is capable of being audited.

The purpose of a Vehicle Maintenance Plan is to ensure the taxi is safe and roadworthy for passengers and drivers at all times.

A Vehicle Maintenance Plan has the
following key elements:
  • A Maintenance Schedule – this is a list of what preventative maintenance is to be undertaken and when. For example, a manufacturer’s vehicle service/log book.
  • Maintenance Records – a record of the maintenance work carried out on the vehicle by a licensed repairer.
  • Daily Checks – to identify, assess and action reported defects – these should include Driver & Change of Shift Checks, and Driver Reports of Vehicle Defects.
  • ATIS Inspection – routine or registration.

No one element of the above will ensure a roadworthy vehicle. It is the successful combination of all the vehicle checks AND preventative maintenance that ensures apublic passenger vehicle is roadworthy and meets vehicle safety requirements at all times.

Operators need to keep records of all Maintenance Schedules, Maintenance Records and repairs, and be able to prove that the Vehicle Maintenance Plan is being followed.

Operators will need to roster the cab off-the-road when the preventative maintenance is scheduled to be carried out.

Clarification: Spare part receipts for tyres or oil filters etc. Are written acknowledgement of money received for spare parts, and do not constitute a maintenance record. A spare parts receipt is NOT a record of repairs done and NOT a record of planned maintenance.

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