New ATIS Procedures
Following a review during 2009, in consultation with the NSW Taxi Council, NSW Transport & Infrastructure has introduced new application and appointment procedures for Authorised Taxi Inspection Stations.

Many of the new procedures are very similar to the arrangements that have worked well in the past. Some aspects of the new procedures are as follows:

ATIS Examiners will be appointed for terms of five years.

The number and location of ATIS sites will be determined by reference to the number of taxis in the area to be serviced using a formula of 1 ATIS per 200 taxi-cabs.

In rural and regional areas the number will be determined in response to ‘market need’ for the area in question.

ATIS Examiners will be appointed to undertake inspections at one location only, so if they move location they will need to apply to be re-appointed.

Limits will be imposed on the distance from their original location that an ATIS site may re-locate to without sacrificing their authorisation.

Authorised Examiners will need to agree to abide by a written code of conduct.

Full details on the application procedures and assessment criteria are available from NSW T&I.


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