Security Camera System
In the interest of driver safety, it is mandatory that all New South Wales taxis be fitted with a functional Security Camera System.

Taxi-cabs rejected for any reason relating to security devices will be issued a ‘no time to repair’ non compliance notice. When inspecting taxi-cabs operating within a Transport District or the Gosford or Wyong local government areas, ATISs check for the presentation of a valid security camera certificate.

Field reports from ATISs indicate increasing numbers of operators presenting a valid security camera certificate. However, on ATIS inspection the security camera system is not functioning. How this is happening is a matter under investigation.

As this is a driver safety issue, the NSW Taxi Council has alerted all ATISs to ensure the camera indicator light flashes green at least ten times when any (including driver) door is opened on a taxi-cab.

The Passenger Transport Regulation requires taxi drivers to check that the security camera is functioning and record the details on their worksheet at the start of every shift.

Occupational Health & Safety legislation places obligations on taxi operators to ensure all safety equipment in the taxi is functioning correctly.

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