NSW Transport & Infrastructure launches ATIS information on website
ATIS Examiners and other NSW Taxi Industry stakeholders have ready access to information relating to the Authorised Taxi Inspection Station (ATIS) scheme at the NSW Transport & Infrastructure (NSW T&I) website.
The following information can be accessed from this page or from the ‘related links’ menu:
  • ATIS site to taxi-cab ratio. This information is the formula NSW T&I use to ascertain if additional ATIS sites are required. The basis of the formula or ‘service benchmark’ is worked on the ratio of taxi-cabs to ATIS sites. With the benchmark being 200 taxi-cabs to 1 ATIS sites in metropolitan areas.
  • Complete list of NSW ATIS sites - metropolitan and country.
  • ATIS Manual of Inspection Standards for taxis. The ATIS Manual of Inspection Standards contains the procedures and inspection standards which apply to the operation of all licensed taxis (including maxi-cabs, wheelchair accessible taxis and stand-by taxis). These standards are followed by ATIS examiners during taxi inspections.
  • ATIS Application and Appointment Booklet. This publication outlines how the ATIS scheme operates post the ATIS Review conducted by the NSW T&I in consultation with the NSW Taxi Council.
  • ATIS Application and ATIS associated forms. These forms are for ‘New’ ATIS application AND application for the appointment of an ‘Additional Examiner’ to an existing ATIS:
-          ATIS Application Process - General Overview Flow Chart.
-          ATIS Examiner Application Form.
-          ATIS Examiner Application and Assessment Information.
-          NCHRC Consent for Information Form.
-          Proving Your Identity Form.
-          Credit Card Payment Form.
-          Code of Conduct.
ATIS enquiry form. This e-form is designed for applicants who have questions concerning the ATIS ‘application’ and ‘appointment’ process.
Enquires concerning the application and appointment process of a ‘new’ ATIS or an additional ATIS Examiner to an ‘existing’ ATIS should be directed to NSW T&I on 9891 8953.

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