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To provide LEADERSHIP to our members, so they have confidence in the decisions and directions they take industry wide.



The NSW Taxi Council is the peak body for the NSW Taxi Industry. It represents taxi networks, owners and operators, and it also advocates for better outcomes for NSW taxi drivers.

The NSW Taxi Council represents members across Metropolitan Sydney, as well as Country and Regional NSW.

In NSW there are over 4,000 licence owners, in excess of 200 authorised taxi networks, over 5,000 taxi operators and more than 30,000 authorised drivers. Therefore, the industry is the livelihood of over 40,000 people and their families.

The NSW Taxi Industry is a major contributor to the state’s public transport system. It provides over 130 million passenger journeys each year and it meets customer travel needs right across NSW. It functions as a door through door transport service that operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The NSW Taxi Industry also provides services at times when other forms of public transport either significantly reduce service levels or cease operations altogether. Taxis are often the only form of public transport for some members of the community, and they provide essential transport services to some of the most disadvantaged people in the state. The NSW Taxi Industry was the first private transport provider to offer transport services for passengers travelling in a wheelchair. In fact, our history goes as far back as 1980 when the first wheelchair accessible taxi was established. The NSW Taxi Industry Association, the NSW Taxi Council and the Country Taxi Operators Association of NSW remain committed to ongoing reform and growth of the Industry.