The Taxi Industry supplies approximately 175 million passenger journeys in NSW each year.

The overwhelming majority are positive experiences for passengers and drivers. We know this because complaints by passengers are at their lowest level of one in every 30,000 journeys.

It is an important fact that Sydney's taxi service ranks very highly amongst taxi services across the world. And we continue to improve.

In 2013, taxi pick-up times in Sydney improved to an average of 5.9 minutes and we are proud to say this makes us one of the most responsive taxi services in the world. The level of service provided to passengers who use wheelchairs has also improved.

Across the board, our drivers are more highly trained, and our vehicles are newer with modern technology such as EFTPOS machines, GPS security and the industry develops cutting edge app technology for taxi bookings.

As a result, there is more and more demand on Sydney taxis – particularly in the early hours when no other mode of public transport is available. Taxis are often expected to fill in for mass transport providers without receiving any net direct funding from the NSW Government's $7.1 billion public transport budget.

The NSW Taxi Industry contributes $1.15b each year to the NSW economy, provides for 17,500 full time equivalent jobs and delivers up to $20m in revenue from sales and leases to the NSW Government.

Over the past decade, a long list of reforms have been initiated by the Taxi Industry to grow our fleet, improve our customer service standards, hold the Industry accountable to the general public, and enhance the stability and viability of the Industry. These reforms have been well planned and well executed and have gone unnoticed alongside growing expectations.

The NSW Taxi Industry Association, the NSW Taxi Council and the Country Taxi Operators Association of NSW remain committed to ongoing reform and growth of the Industry.

Over the past months and years, we have been working on a formula for more cabs on the road for sustainable growth, more legal drop-off and pick-up points for cabs in major centres across Sydney, and better security and financial protection for drivers and the public.

Thank you to our loyal customers for catching cabs and for supporting our Industry as we endeavour to offer you tomorrow's service today.


  • There are 7,000 taxis on the roads in NSW
  • The 24,000 trained drivers are self-employed
  • There are 6,000 owners and operators of taxis
  • 84% of taxi owners own one plate
  • 175 million passenger journeys annually
  • Networks are booking services and report KPIs to the Government monthly
  • The first taxi licences were issued between 1930 and 1945 - click here for our history