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Regulatory Matters


The CEO and Deputy CEO continue to engage with the Point to Point Transport Commission on a regular basis. This engagement includes the Industry Reference Group (IRG) meeting held every two months.

The following items are currently being worked on with the Point to Point Commission:

COVID -19 Strategies

  1. Sanitisation Stations – There are currently ten sites operating across NSW. A new site at Arncliffe commenced operation on Monday 14th September, 2020. The most recent sites to set up include Leumeah and Tweed Heads. GM Cabs continue to operate their self-funded sanitisation station at Sydney Airport.

  2. Cleaning Packs for Drivers – Taxi Service providers can now order cleaning packs for drivers via the Point to Point Commission Portal on their website. Cleaning Packs can also be picked up by Drivers at the various Sanitisation Station locations across NSW.

  3. COVID-19 Toolkit – The Point to Point Transport Toolkit has now been updated to include face masks in the messaging. Reminder that approval is required from TfNSW to use any asset in the toolkit. Service Providers need to print their own material once they have received approval.

  4. Drivers refusing Fares – It is illegal for a Taxi driver to refuse a fare, unless for the reasons outlined in the Point to Point Transport Regulations. The NSW Taxi Council continues to seek guidelines from P2P Commission on whether there are any implications on drivers who refuse a fare because the passenger may refuse to sit in the back seat of the Taxi. We understand that incidents will be treated on a case by case basis, where it may be found reasonable for a driver to refuse a fare where reasonable risk may be present eg the passenger may be unwell and not wearing a face mask and the driver acts in the interest of their own safety. Whenever a driver refuses a passenger, the Driver will need to defend and justify their decision.

  5. Face Masks – NSW Health highly recommends that drivers and passengers wear face masks, particularly where social distancing may be difficult.

Operational Matters

  1. Taking Plates off Hold – A fact sheet has been developed by Point to Point Transport to help Operators and Networks understand the process and documents required to place a Taxi plate on hold, as well as taking a plate off hold with Service NSW. You can access the fact sheet using the following link; Number Plates and/or Cancellation of Registration form

  2. Cross Border Issues – The NSW Taxi Council continues to work with the P2P Commission on the Cross Border matters. We have requested for an MOU relating to Point to Point Services across Queensland, ACT and Victorian Borders.

  3. CCTV Camera Trials at Taxi Ranks – The Point to Point Transport Commission is looking to roll out CCTV Camera trials at selected Taxi Ranks across NSW. This is currently being reviewed by the P2P Commission.

  4. Compliance Issues

  • Reports of Taxis ranking on George St, along the Light Rail corridor. This is causing major issues near the Bridge St Intersection, adjacent to the Establishment venue. Infringements are being issued to drivers found breaching.

  • Point to Point Compliance are finding an increasing number of Taxi Drivers not displaying their ID cards. Drivers are being infringed. A reminder that the NSW Taxi Council ID card holder has been designed to make it difficult for passengers to remove an ID card from the holder.

  • Vehicle Checks in the P2P Commission Portal

  • A reminder that it is a requirement for all Taxi Service Providers in Metropolitan Sydney to upload and check all vehicles within their fleet in the P2P DVD Portal. It is also recommended that Taxi Service Providers check the vehicle usage code when conducting the vehicle checks.

  • TV Plates – Only vehicles with 12 seats or greater are eligible to apply for a TV plates. There are increasing reports of vehicles with less than 12 seats operating with a TV plate. Registration details are being reported to the Point to Point Commission for investigation by TfNSW. A reminder that TV plates are Regulated under the Passenger Transport Act (1990), not the Taxis and Hire Vehicles (2016) Act.

Point to Point Transport Commission Review and 2020/21 Focus

The Point to Point Transport Commissioner has provided an update. There are two components;

  1. There will be an annual review, starting with the first one being for the last financial Year.

  2. Statement of General Priorities for the next 12 months of which there are five themes;

  • Driver On Boarding

  • Safety Management Systems

  • Preventative Vehicle Maintenance

  • Illegal and Unsafe Driver Behaviour

  • Public Health

The NSW Taxi Council continues to regularly engage with the Regulator for the NSW Point to Point Transport Industry – The Point to Point Transport Commission. This includes a monthly meeting with the Point to Point Transport Team – Operations, Education and Engagement, Compliance and Legal when required.

In addition, the Point to Point Transport Commission also holds an Industry Reference Group (IRG) meeting with stakeholders form the Point to Point Transport Industry.

If you have any Industry related issues or opportunities that you would like  to be considered, please notify your CTOA Regional Executive Representative, or contact the NSW Taxi Council office.



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