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Regulatory Matters


The NSW Taxi Council continues to engage with the Point to Point Transport Commission on a regular basis. This engagement includes various forms with the Operations, Education and Engagement and Compliance Teams, as well as regular contact as required.

The following items are currently being worked on with the Point to Point Transport Commission:


1. Face Masks - As per the latest update from Point to Point Transport Commission, face masks are now strongly recommended for all Point to Point vehicles across NSW. 

2. QR code for Taxis - The NSW Taxi Council continues to work with Members on the activation of QR Codes in Taxis.

Any Taxi Service provider who has yet to register still has the chance to by sending an email to

3. Sanitisation Stations  - It has been reported that over 58,000 vehicles have visited a sanitisation station across NSW. All current sanitisation station sites have been extended to end of June 2021.

Drivers and Operators are reminded that the sanitisation stations have been set up to enable drivers to have their vehicles sanitised before or after a passenger journey as part of a Covid risk management measure towards keeping passengers and drivers safe.

There are 12 Vehicle Sanitisation Stations in the following regional and metropolitan locations throughout NSW: Arncliffe, Albury, Alexandria, Central Coast, Dubbo, Leumeah, Newcastle, North Parramatta, Prestons, Seven Hills, Tamworth and Tweed Heads.

The privately funded sanitisation station at Sydney Airport continues to be operated by GM Cabs.

Operational Matters

1. WAT Licences

Renewing and Transferring a WAT Licence - The Point to Point Transport Commission has confirmed that an annual renewable Licence is non transferable from one Operator to another. If an Operator sells a vehicle, the new Operator simply needs to apply for a new WAT Licence with Point to Point. It may be possible for the Operator to request for the Plate number to remain.

The same process is required for a WAT Licence approaching the 10 year renewal.

T Plates and TC Plates - A reminder that a WAT with a T Plate is permitted to only operate in Sydney Metropolitan Region. A WAT with a TC plate is permitted to only operate outside of Sydney.

 The NSW Taxi Council is continuing to advocate for a review of the WAT Licence Application Policy while ensuring that services to members of the Disability community remains paramount.

Centralised Booking Service

The NSW Taxi Council continues to work with TfNSW and SCIA on the rollout of the new CBS Service. A working group has been established to monitor and review issues to ensure appropriate resolutions are in place.

A reminder that it is a requirement for any TSP with a WAT licence under their fleet must enter into an agreement with the official Centralised Booking Service to ensure that they have access to WAT Bookings. It is also a WAT licence condition that the vehicle is connected to the CBS.

2. Compliance Issues

Taxi Drivers Overcharging Passengers - There have been reports of Drivers overcharging passengers at Sydney Airport. It is an offence for a Taxi Driver to overcharge or not use a fare calculation device for rank and hail services. A driver can be infringed for this activity. The penalty for this offence is $300.

Taxi Drivers with a disqualifying offence conviction prior to 1 November 2017 - Any Taxi Driver who held a previous Authority to drive which was current as at 31 October 2017, may be exempt for a disqualifying offence conviction that was recorded prior to 1 November 2017. There must be evidence that the Taxi Driver held a current authority as at 31 October 2017.

WAT Driver Competency - It is the responsibility of the Service Provider to determine the ongoing competency of a WAT Driver who is connected with their Network. The Point to Point Transport Commission has released an updated WAT Assessment Guideline Tool to help TSPs understand their responsibility in determining a WAT driver competency.

The NSW Taxi Council continues to deliver WAT training for Drivers and a Train the Trainer Program for Assessors.

The NSW Taxi Council is also developing a WAT Driver Refresher program to assist Members with the ongoing competency checks for WAT drivers.

To find out more about any of the NSW Taxi Council WAT Training or to ensure you are updated with the WAT Refresher Program once available, please get in touch with the Training Manager at the NSW Taxi Council.

Click here to access the Point to Point WAT Assessment Guideline Tool

Security Cameras in Taxis - A reminder that as of 1 February 2021 all taxis providing rank and hail passenger services must have security camera systems that comply with clause 18 of the Point to Point Transport (Taxis and Hire Vehicles) Regulation 2017.

This means any Taxis with a security camera system not meeting the specifications under clause 18 must be withdrawn from service until the system is updated to meet the requirements.

Reporting a complaint - There are a number of ways a person can provide feedback or report a complaint to the Point to Point Transport Commission. The preferred method is via the “contact us” section of the Point to Point Transport Commission website. The link here will take you there;​

You can also contact the P2P Industry Contact Centre on 131 727 to report a complaint.

Vehicle Checks in the P2P Commission Portal - A reminder that it is a requirement for all Taxi Service Providers in Metropolitan Sydney to upload and check all vehicles within their fleet in the P2P DVD Portal. It is also recommended that Taxi Service Providers check the vehicle usage code when conducting the vehicle checks.

3. Education and Engagement

New Fact Sheets available on P2P Commission website – Three new fact sheets have been uploaded to the website’s Learning Centre;

Interactive short online courses are now available on the P2P Commission website with the first course being “An introduction to being an Authorised Service Provider”.



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