New Drivers

In metropolitan areas, to qualify to be a new taxi driver, you must:

If that sounds like you – contact Transport for NSW or read this fact sheet from Point to Point Transport for further information. 

For information about becoming a taxi driver Call: Roads and Maritime Services on 02 9689 8888.

For information about becoming a taxi driver in NSW Country areas contact your local taxi network or Roads and Maritime Services on 02 9689 8888.

Taxi driving is unlike other jobs, as taxi drivers have a lot of freedom to control how, when and where they work. 

The NSW Taxi Council recently talked to taxi drivers about why they like driving taxis and the advantages of becoming a taxi driver. The comments obtained from drivers in different parts of NSW confirmed that careers in the taxi industry can provide many rewards, and can suit many people for a wide range of reasons.

Of particular note is that there are a restricted number of taxis, therefore drivers have good opportunities to earn consistent and sustainable returns in the safest available working environment.

Read the taxi user charter of rights here.

Current Drivers Authority Update

Roads and Maritime Services is extending the validity of current Taxi Driver Authorities, Private Hire Vehicle Driver Authorities and Taxi Operator Accreditations to 31 October 2017. The extension has been granted in preparation for the transition to the Point to Point Transport (Taxis and Hire Vehicles) Act 2017 later this year.

There is no need for operators or drivers to apply for the extension, and there is no renewal fee. The new expiry date has been updated in the Roads and Maritime system, and NSW Police are being informed.

 Operators and drivers will be formally notified by post from mid this week. Point to point transport fact sheets on the Roads and Maritime Services website will be updated in the coming days.

Please allow until the end of May to receive your letter. If you haven’t received a letter by this time, you may follow-up with the dedicated Transport for NSW Point to Point Information contact centre:·     

There are three fact sheets available on the Roads and Maritime website regarding the Driver Authority extensions: