Mason Ringstad - Onboarding Coordinator

Well, here we are, back for another edition of the Newsletter. I cannot be the only one that thinks the days and weeks are going by quicker and quicker, to think we are already ¼ of the way through the year!

Work is still underway with Driver renewals as the volume of applicants needing to renew has been increasing at a high rate. We have been super busy reviewing applications, verifying details and sending out new IDs for there to be minimal downtime for Drivers where possible. However, in saying that we have made great progress tightening up the process as well as making it as hassle free as we can. We are still working hard to improve our processes with an aim to provide a seamless online application & training experience for renewing/new drivers through an automated online system.

Training has been going well for drivers wanting to use our self-paced modules as opposed to a live training session. It gives freedom and flexibility to the drivers to get there ID card renewed at their own pace compared to a live session at a set time. This has been enthusiastically accepted and welcomed by the renewing drivers.

For any drivers that require assistance with their renewal process, please visit your Taxi Service Provider. You may also like to contact the NSW Taxi Council office.  

Until next time – Stay safe and stay sanitized!



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