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The Metro Committee is a group of NSW Taxi Council Member Taxi Service Providers from the Sydney & Urban Areas.

Purpose - To work together with the NSW Taxi Council to identify and discuss the most pressing issues and concerns facing the NSW Taxi industry and to develop strategies for tackling them in the Sydney & Urban areas. The NSW Taxi Council works closely with the representatives of the Metro Committee to advocate for policies and practices that support our member Taxi Service Providers and ensure the sustainability and growth of our industry, driving positive change for Taxi Business'.

Frequency - Monthly 


Focus - The monthly Metro Committee meetings create a platform for open and honest discussion, enabling members to share their thoughts and ideas on a wide range of topics, including industry regulations, licensing, fares, technology, and passenger service experience.


Role of the NSW Taxi Council - Within the committee, the NSW Taxi Council provides updates on the latest developments in the Taxi industry and shares information about any changes or updates that may affect our member Taxi Service Providers in the Sydney & Urban areas.

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