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NSW Health issues COVID-19 health alert for 9 Taxi Passenger Trips

Source: NSW Health

A COVID-19 case reported yesterday on 20 September 2020 drove a Taxi for a number of days while potentially infectious. People who caught a taxi on September 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 in the following suburbs must monitor for symptoms and if any develop immediately get tested: Moorebank, Bankstown, Chipping Norton, Liverpool, Lidcombe, Warwick Farm and Milperra.

NSW Health has identified passengers who booked the taxi in this period directly. These passengers are treated as close contacts and must get tested and isolate for a full 14 days since they were in the taxi even if the test is negative. They must get tested again if any symptoms develop. NSW Health is seeking to identify passengers who caught the Silver Service taxi on the following times and locations. These passengers should call the NSW Health Call Centre on 9391 9000 for further advice. 

  • Trip 8/9/2020: Pickup Liverpool TAFE college, Bigge Street Liverpool 13:03 – Drop off Hoxton Park Road Cartwright 13:14

  • Trip 8/9/2020: Pickup Liverpool TAFE college, Bigge Street Liverpool 14:01 – Drop off Glenwari St Sadlier 14:11

  • Trip 9/9/2020: Pickup Liverpool TAFE college, Bigge Street Liverpool 08:08 – Drop off Moorebank Shopping centre, Stockton Ave Moorebank 8:15

  • Trip 10/9/2020: Pickup Liverpool 14:38 – Drop off Graham Ave Casula 14:44

  • Trip 10/9/2020: Pickup Haddenham St Chipping Norton 19:15 – Drop off George St Burwood 19:48

  • Trip 14/9/20: Pickup Riverside Road Chipping Norton 15:50 – Drop off The Mill Hotel, Beaconsfield St Milperra 16:04

  • Trip 15/9/2020: Pickup Riverside Road Chipping Norton 08:31 – Drop off Birnie Ave Lidcombe 9:11

  • Trip 15/9/2020: Pickup Milperra 10:14 – Drop off Riverside Rd Chipping Norton 10:25

  • Trip 15/9/2020: Pickup Birnie Ave Lidcombe 15:22 – Drop off Riverside Rd Chipping Norton 16:07

NSW Health has been and continues to strongly encourage people to wear masks when unable to physically distance, particularly in indoor settings and on public transport, to keep everyone safe. As previously advised, when taking taxis or rideshare commuters should sit in the back and wear a mask.

Locations linked to known cases, advice on testing and isolation, and areas identified for increased testing can be found here: NSW Government - Latest news and updates

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