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NSW Taxi Industry Proposed Reforms 2021 - Factsheets & Survey

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

A number of you attended the Transport for NSW webinars regarding the NSW Government's proposed Taxi industry reforms and further assistance for Taxi Licence Owners.

Whilst we agree that the process for further assistance needs to be a simple process and designed to minimise the impact on social security benefits and income tax, we believe the example used for consultation has created a lot of uncertainty for Taxi Licence owners.

The position of the Board still remains that all Taxi licence owners with a transferrable interest receive fair and just assistance and the example used in the webinar did not display this, in fact it offended many.

Updating your local MP’s regarding the current situation will be critical and we will forward appropriate information for you to share shortly.

Thank you for completing the surveys that Transport for NSW released and providing your personal feedback. The surveys have now closed. We encourage you to refer to the factsheets that summarise information from the webinars and are now available to view online.


Factsheets on Summary Information from the webinars


We have also reminded Transport for NSW that many Taxi Licence owners may be unfamiliar with technology and the current travel restrictions make it difficult for family and friends to assist them.

Eventhough there were a few hundred people participating in the webinars, this only represents a small percentage of the overall industry and likely less than 10% of Taxi Licence owners in NSW.

Other forms of communication, in addition to webinars and electronic surveys are required.

Thank you for your support at this crucial time.

As we have always said – a chorus sings louder than any one person.

Thank you for being part of that chorus.

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