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Point to Point Transport Vehicle Sanitisation Station – Seven Hills

In response to COVID-19, Transport for NSW and the NSW Point to Point Transport Commissioner are launching Sydney’s newest point to point transport vehicle sanitisation station located in Seven Hills to reduce the spread of Coronavirus and keep drivers and passengers safe.

This is a complimentary service for all point to point transport vehicles including taxis, hire vehicles, rideshare vehicles, community transport, Government fleet and Emergency Services vehicles. They are entitled to one sanitisation, per vehicle, per day, performed by staff on-site.

Vehicle sanitisation includes the disinfection of high touch point areas outside and inside of the vehicle including: door handles, boot handle, window controls, steering wheel, visors, centre console, gear stick, handbrake, grip handles, glove box, dashboard, seatbelts, seats, headrests, mobile phone holders, cup holders, fuel door, fuel cap, meters and payment equipment.

Under point to point transport laws, service providers have a primary duty of care to ensure the health and safety of drivers and other persons, including passengers, so far as is reasonably practicable, while they’re engaged in providing a passenger service.  This includes taking steps to reduce the risk of COVID-19.

The vehicle sanitisation station service is not a COVID-19 deep cleaning service. Vehicles that have transported COVID-19 positive individuals will require a COVID-19 deep clean prior to using the vehicle sanitisation station facilities. The vehicle sanitisation stations are not a car wash service.

The NSW Government is assisting the point to point transport industry during the Coronavirus outbreak, with the aim of reducing the spread of the virus to ensure driver and passenger safety is upheld.

Point to point transport operators continue to provide an essential service for people in NSW.


WHERE: 23/45 Powers Road, Seven Hills NSW 2147

(Located within the Powers Road Business Park)

WHEN: From Tuesday 1 September 2020, operating from 7am to 7pm between Monday and Saturday.

Sundays and public holidays will be closed.

DIRECTIONS: Vehicles should enter Powers Road Business Park from Powers Road, then turn left and travel 50m to the sanitisation station.

Drivers are encouraged to carry out spot cleaning between visits to the sanitisation station for the safety of themselves and their passengers.

Drivers are also encouraged to pick up a point to point transport vehicle clean-up kit from a vehicle sanitisation station. Clean up kits are used in the event of a passenger spreading droplets, such as coughing or sneezing, so point to point transport drivers can clean themselves or their vehicle surfaces to potentially reduce the spread of infection.

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