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Positive & Innovative Ways Taxis are Operating and Adapting in Regional NSW

Ballina Taxis

Ballina Taxis in Regional NSW are changing the way they transport passengers around Ballina by adopting the use of a plastic shield between the driver and passenger seats in Taxis. These measures provide enhanced safety to the drivers and as well as passengers in Taxis to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Bathurst Taxis

The Taxi Tucker – Takeaway meal delivery service provided by Bathurst Taxis includes food delivery services to the Bathurst community from various restaurants in the town.

Bellingen Shire Taxis and Limousine Services

Bellingen Shire Taxis & Limousine Services in Northern NSW have commenced their new initiative TAXI TUCKER & BEVY deliveries and pick up service to adapt to the changing times. Taxi Tucker & Bevy will deliver any items from local Restaurants, Bottle shops, Supermarkets and other Stores directly to the doors of the community in Bellingen Shire, Dorrigo and Mylestom. The service will also have daily trips to Coffs Harbour.

They have also adopted robust cleaning and hygiene practices for their Taxis to stop the spread of the virus and provide essential transport services to the community of the region. Taxis are being disinfected regularly and all Taxi drivers in the region are provided with a safety and hygiene kit consisting of disinfectant, gloves, masks, hand sanitiser and other cleaning essentials.

Illawarra Taxi Network

Illawarra Taxi Network have also further expanded their passenger transport services to include delivery of food from local restaurants, medical supplies as well as parcels for the community of the region.

Katoomba Taxis

Katoomba Taxis have ventured into delivering goods and parcels, shopping and picking up orders, help with postal delivery and any other form of assistance needed by the community, thus, keeping the community of Katoomba connected whilst following social distancing guidelines.

Kings Connect – Casino Cabs

Kings Connect formerly known as Casino Cabs are showcasing how regional towns such as Casino are responding positively to the COVID-19 crisis and ensuring they are still providing an essential service to the community by adopting good sanitisation and cleaning practices on all Taxis. Kings Connect have also initiated food delivery services in Casino to support the local businesses during this challenging time.

Lithgow Radio Cabs

Young people in Portland and Wallerawang around Lithgow are now having access to free transport vouchers to attend Headspace Lithgow appointments, wherein, eligible young people can use Taxi vouchers through Lithgow City Radio Cabs, to access free mental health, general health and vocational support services at the centre.

Temora Taxis

Temora Taxi Services in Country NSW have seen many changes happening as we all have due to COVID-19. Temora Taxis are currently working with local businesses to deliver food, groceries as well as anything else the community requires to be delivered around Temora as well as surrounding areas.

Tenterfield Taxis

Tenterfield Taxi is expanding its services to support those opting to stay close to home. The Taxi is now offering door to door delivery of takeaways from those eateries still operating. They are also offering delivery services for medicines, supermarket essentials and transferring items between family members and friends.

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