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North Sydney Council have voted to accept the “Taxi and Ride Sourcing Strategy and Action Plan”. This action plan was drawn up as a response to the increasing instances of point to point vehicles disobeying traffic signs to pick up and drop off passengers. The final result of the plan is that there are 12 more spaces within the LGA for taxis to use as pickup and drop zones.

We are gradually seeing the return of events, and with that more work for Taxis.

On October 17 there were two events that used Taxi Security to manage their Taxi Ranks.

  1. The NRL Semi Finals – 480 passengers used taxis to get home.

  2. The Everest Racing Carnival – 5000 passengers used taxis to get home.

On October 25 there was one event that used Taxi security to manage their Taxi Rank

  1. NRL Grand Final – 920 passengers used taxis to get home.

Let’s hope that this is a sign of things to come!

There has been a lot of activity involving Taxi rank this month, there has been extensive building and roadworks which have affected Taxi ranks (temporary closures or reductions in size), there have been film shoots (including one which shut off an entire precinct so that traffic direction could be reversed to simulate streets in New York). While these works have been disruptive, they have only been short term and generally finish up with some sort of improvement in their wake.

Complaints continue to be made about Taxi drivers charging set fares from the airport and minimum fares to cover short trips. These practices are ILLEGAL and are causing passengers to investigate alternate means of travel.

Did you know: There is a $300 + GST fine for not running the Fare Calculation Device (meter) for a Rank or Hail job?


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