Following the recent webinars delivered by Transport for NSW, the overwhelming response from the NSW Taxi Industry is that they are not supportive of the proposed package in its current form.

Taxi Licence Owners' hopes were raised back in March following reports of what looked like a supportive package, which have now been dashed.

We are of the understanding that a Bill is likely to be introduced into Parliament within the next fortnight.

How Can You Help?

We ask that you make urgent contact with your Local MP and arrange to have a meeting as soon as possible.

We would also suggest that you write to your Local MP.

Please refer to the following points for you to note when meeting with your Local MP and also to include in the letter that you send;

  • Let your Local MP know your disappointment with the package

  • Request that your Local MP does not vote in favour of the Bill in its current form

  • Share your personal story with your Local MP and outline how the proposed reforms will impact you

Please let us know once you have contacted your Local MP.

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