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A new centralised booking service for wheelchair accessible taxis (WATs) in Sydney called Wheelchair Book & Ride is launching on Monday 1 March. The service will replace Zero200 as the NSW Government funded booking service and will be operated by Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (SCIA).

From Monday 1 March:

  • Customers will be able to book WATs via the new service either online at or by calling 13 9000.

  • All WAT drivers registered by their taxi service provider (TSP) will be able to accept jobs dispatched via the service.

  • TSPs and drivers can contact SCIA on 13 9111 with any questions or issues.

Transport for NSW recently gave an overview of the new service at a number of briefing sessions.

A copy of the presentation is at the bottom of this page.


All taxi service providers (TSPs) are required to register with the new WAT centralised booking service by providing TSP, driver and vehicle information to Transport for NSW. You may have already received a request for this information including a spreadsheet to input your details. However, if you have not received the spreadsheet, please email

All TSPs are also required to sign and complete the arrangement with booking service operator SCIA. Dave Rorke from SCIA has reached out to all TSPs with WAT vehicles with the arrangement. If your TSP has not already been contacted and you have not received a copy of the arrangement, please reach out to Dave Rorke at

As a TSP you will be invited by email to use a Wheelchair Book & Ride portal to access information about your TSP in relation to the service.


WAT vehicle bookings will be dispatched via a driver app that will be available for download before Monday 1 March. Your TSP will need to register you with the service. Please note, all TSPs are required to register with the service and there is no requirement for a driver to be associated with any particular TSP.

Drivers can use a personal smart phone or tablet issued by their TSP to use the app. Check with your TSP about how they would like you to access the app.

On the app, drivers will be able to:

  • Receive bookings (dispatch requests)

  • Accept or reject bookings (dispatch requests)

  • Change a vehicle’s booking status to available/unavailable

  • Select the vehicle they will be driving each session

  • Select which TSP they are approved to drive for

  • Manage trip status – started, en-route, completed, cancelled

  • Receive maps and trip requirements

  • Receive trip navigation and instructions

  • View trip history.

Steps for drivers to download and use the app are found in the Wheelchair Book & Ride Driver App User Guide.



If you need more information please read the frequently asked questions.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please email


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