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The CTOA Committee is a representative group of Delegates, known as CTOA Executives, representing stakeholders from within their respective Region which make up Country NSW;

  • Southern

  • South Western

  • Northern

  • North Western

  • Western 

Purpose - To discuss matters, prioritise and determine essential focus areas for the NSW Taxi Council, with a specific emphasis on Country/Regional NSW and to ensure that the particular needs and interests of Taxis in Regional NSW are identified and addressed. The CTOA Committee is dedicated to bringing positive changes to the Taxi industry in Regional NSW and assists the NSW Taxi Council in advocating for policies and practices that benefits and ensure the growth and sustainability of the Regional Taxi Industry in NSW.

Frequency - Monthly

Focus - The meetings provide a platform for representatives to exchange their opinions and ideas regarding various topics, such as Taxi industry regulations, licensing, fares, technology, and passenger service experience for Country NSW.


Role of the NSW Taxi Council - To provide updates to the Delegates about the most recent developments in the NSW Taxi industry and inform them of any updates or changes that might affect them and their members.

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