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The NSW Taxi Council is the representing body for more than 200 Authorised Taxi Service Providers (Taxi Networks) in NSW.

Our mission for Taxi Networks in NSW is to provide them Leadership, so they have the assurance in the decisions and directions they take industry wide.

Learn more about what we do for Taxi Networks in NSW below



  • Serve as the representing body of the NSW Taxi Networks in liaising for government programmes like Assisted School Travel Programme, also liaising with government body like Department of Veteran Affairs and other Major Venue Stakeholders in NSW like Crown, Star, ICC, etc.

  • Representing Taxi Networks in engagements with the Point to Point Transport Commissioner Transport for NSW, NSW Government Ministerial departments and also the Federal Government (for example, representation at the National Industry Conference – ATIA, Industry Safety Management System, Regaining work from from NSW Trains for Illawarra Taxi Network; Involvement of Katoomba Taxis in Transport for NSW workshops, Sanitisation stations in Central Coast, Dubbo, Wollongong and other locations across NSW during COVID-19 and many more)

  • Keeping Taxi Networks updated with the latest events around NSW and also establishing and reinstating Taxi Ranks in critical areas/zones in Sydney and all over NSW as well as liaising for Special Taxi Ranks for major events in NSW.  

  • Organising Annual events and General Meetings for Taxi Networks across NSW

  • Representation on the board of NSW Taxi Council and Country Taxi Operators Association to voice their point of view on decisions impacting the entire NSW Taxi Industry (for example, WAT Committee, NSW Taxi Networks monthly meeting, etc. TTSS Workshops and various other Industry Workshops, etc.)

  • Exclusive access to Taxi Networks who are members of the NSW Taxi Council to participate in events of National Significance like Anzac Day March and Remembrance Day


  • Advocating and working with NSW Government – Assisted School Travel Programme (ASTP) to unlock additional $3 million of school runs for Taxis since 2018.

  • Facilitating Taxi Networks to connect with Taxi Plate Owners and Taxi Operators to put more Taxis on the road

  • Ensuring cost effectiveness for Taxi Networks in NSW through advocacy around Authorisation fees

  • Identifying the need for, advocating, and facilitating the establishment and ongoing engagement of the Disability Reference Group (DRG), including Taxi Network representation for better engagement and collaboration with the Disability sector.


  • Establishing partnership with SmartMove (dispatch system), Pigott Stinson (regulatory matters), Toyota (fleet benefits), Mobil (Discounted Taxi Fuel for Taxi Networks), Finlease (Assist Taxi Networks with their finance needs), AJB Insurance (Competitive CTP, Comprehensive and Third Party Insurance products and services for Taxi Networks), Streamax Australia (Taxi Camera Systems), Co-Ops NSW (Governance Training and advisory service), Go Transit (Taxi Advertising), Jayride (Airport Transfers) and Laverty Pathology (Drug and Alcohol Testing)

  • Signing of Memorandum of Understanding with Spinal Cords Injuries Australia for provision of Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Services.


  • NSW Taxi Council is the peak training body for all forms of major training required to operate Taxis in NSW

  • Provision of various types of training for WATS Assessors, WATS Driver Training and WATS Train the Trainer Programme at the Taxi Network Level

  • Providing Taxi Networks across NSW with course material and driver training content developed by the competent and experienced certified trainers of NSW Taxi Council

  • Developing and Implementing efficient and effective IT solutions like Taxilog and Taxistart for New and Renewing Driver Onboarding and training, enabling quick efficient driver application processing


Join us for the advancement of the NSW Taxi Industry

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