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More Meetings with MP's - Support for a Better Package for NSW Taxi Industry Grows

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Over the past week, CEO Martin Rogers with the support of Taxi Licence Owners, met with the following MP's across NSW:

  • Stuart Ayres - MP for Penrith, Liberal Party

  • Tim James - MP for Willoughby, Liberal Party

  • Wendy Lindsay - MP for East Hills, Liberal Party

  • Mark Coure - MP for Oatley, Liberal Party

  • Ryan Park - MP for Keira, Labor Party

  • Jo Haylen - Shadow Minister for Transport & MP for Summer Hill, Labor Party

  • Steve Kamper - Shadow Minister for Business, Property and Multiculturalism & MP for Rockdale, Labor Party

  • Kevin Conolly - MP for Riverstone, Liberal Party

  • Mark Taylor - MP for Seven Hills, Liberal Party

See Images Below - Click on ">" to see all images

We discussed with the MP’s how the proposed Taxi Package will have a devastating impact on all NSW Taxi Licence Owners and the NSW Taxi Industry.

The MP’s have been supportive of the need for a better package for the NSW Taxi Industry and would discuss with the Premier and Treasurer.



Organise a Meeting with your Local MP

We need your assistance. The next week is extremely critical for the NSW Taxi Industry and your actions and assistance are imperative to get a better package of reforms for the NSW Taxi Industry and fair and proper compensation for all NSW Taxi Licence Owners.

We ask you once again to contact your Local MP. There is no better conversation with a Local MP than from their own local constituent, that is you.

This is an important matter and we encourage you to keep calling your MP's office until you get an appointment.

If you arrange a meeting and would like support, let us know and if possible, Martin will look to join and support you.

Contact us on 02 8339 4644 to tell us about your meeting.

Show your Local MP the videos from the protest and the significant cross party support we have. Mention also Ray William's comments saying, "that full market value prior to the introduction of rideshare should be paid to all licences".

The next sitting period for the NSW Parliament is from the 8th November, 2022, in just around 10 days time.

This is when new legislation could be introduced and it is important that the legislation contains fair and proper compensation for all NSW Taxi licence owners.

It is extremely important that we keep the pressure on and reach out to the Local MP's in NSW.

Thanks again for your continued support.

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