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London Taxis - Helping Healthy People Stay Healthy in Sydney

In these uncertain times of a global pandemic, staying safe and looking after one’s health and well-being is more significant than ever before. London Taxis (Associated with GM Cabs) are helping healthy people stay healthy by providing passengers a transport solution which enables them to move around in a controlled environment in a safe, sound and reliable manner. London Taxis operate a fleet of 50 Taxis in Sydney and overall 120 Taxis in Australia.

London Taxis have an industry leading COVID defence solution in every individual Taxi which ensures separation of Taxi driver and passengers. The passengers are completely separated from drivers with an air lock fibreglass dividing screen along with a distinct air conditioning system for the driver and passenger. The driver’s compartment is separate to the passenger cabin ensuring both passengers & Taxi drivers remain safe at all times. Also, the contact points in every London Taxi are highly visible and easy to clean and sanitise after each passenger trip and all London Taxis have a contactless payment system, along with app booking and payment capability through Rydo - Australia’s Taxi App. All these features in London Taxis contribute to reducing the risk of transmission and put them at the forefront of COVID safe Taxi travel in and around Sydney.

All vehicles in the fleet of London Taxis have safe mobility impaired accessibility. The swivel seats in the passenger’s cabin enable commuters with mobility constraints to easily use a London Taxi, thus helping vulnerable members of our community to move out and about safely in Sydney. Moreover, all the Taxi drivers of London Taxis are trained, courteous and experienced drivers following strict COVID protocols.

London Taxis are one of the most stylish and safest ways to get around Sydney and Melbourne. These Taxis are like any other Taxi which could be hailed on the street and also booked via the Rydo app. They have 24 hour security cameras for passengers and drivers with great accessibility options. The vehicles are beautiful, sleek and instantly recognisable. They have seats with extra leg room, could easily fit in 5 people, has extra room for luggage and also has phone charging ports.

To book a COVID safe Taxi travel with London Taxis, download the Rydo - Australia's Taxi App on Google Play here or on the Apple store here. You can also call 131 001 to book a London Taxi or a GM Cab.

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