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SmartMove launches new Passenger Service Levy Collection feature on its Taxi Dispatch System

SmartMove Systems – A strategic partner of the NSW Taxi Council has recently launched a new feature on its Taxi Dispatch System – SmartMove, that will help Taxi Service Providers (Taxi Networks), Operators and Drivers collect, report and pay the Passenger Service Levy (PSL) on the driver/operator's behalf.

This new feature allows Networks to:

  • Collect pre-payment of the levy by debiting the driver's credit card.

  • Set the debit to be automatic when the driver's balance is below a threshold.

  • Run a Driver Credit Management report which will highlight those Drivers with low balances (e.g. their direct debit failed).

  • Run Job Totals to report and pay the levy to the appropriate authorities on the Driver's behalf.

For the Drivers, the feature:

  • Allows the driver to add a credit card to set and forget paying the levy.

  • Shows their current levy credit balance on the Driver's Portal along with all the transactions that occurred.

  • Warns the driver via a Driver message when their balance is below threshold.

Discussing the new feature of SmartMove’s dispatch system, Adam Thornley – Business Development Manager, SmartMove said “Some Taxi networks pay for third party products to manage the collection of the various passenger service levies from the Driver/Operator of the Taxi. The new PSL collection feature minimises the hassles and headaches Service Providers face associated with managing the collection, reporting and payment of the various state passenger service levies to meet their own State’s regulatory obligations, saving administration hours.”

The new Passenger Service Levy (PSL) collection feature is fully integrated with the SmartMove dispatch system and is included as part of the popular all-inclusive pricing model. The driver “pre-pays” the PSL using a nominated credit card. The PSL is automatically deducted after each applicable job (some jobs may not attract the PSL). When the balance is below a threshold, the driver’s credit card is automatically debited to top-up the balance. The Taxi Network can run daily, weekly or monthly reports to determine how much PSL is payable by each driver/operator.

Furthermore, discussing the benefits of the new PSL feature Adam added, “For the Driver, it's “set and forget” - their nominated credit card is automatically debited when their balance is low. Along with their detailed End-of-Shift report, they have a detailed record of all the levy applicable jobs accessible at any time on any device. For the Taxi Networks, the levy is “pre-paid” by the driver/operator so there is no chance of being “out of pocket”. All of the tools/reports to manage the PSL are available at anytime, anywhere, on any device.”

If you are interested in SmartMove’s Taxi Dispatch System for your Taxi Network and want to take advantage of the new PSL feature, contact Adam Thornley – Business Development Manager, SmartMove on Or visit their website –

About SmartMove’s Taxi Dispatch System – SmartMove Go

SmartMove GO is the most advanced Taxi dispatch and fleet management system on the market. The system is perfect for fleets that would like modern in-car technology, minimal devices with maximum performance. With SmartMove, you have complete control over your fleet with full access to reports and all the settings at no extra cost. SmartMove GO enables you to be agile in today’s ever changing marketplace.

About SmartMove

Smartmove is 100% Australian owned and operated with over 120 fleets across Australia and New Zealand. SmartMove provides support to all of their fleets, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The team have been delivering high quality and user friendly software and hardware solutions to government and private business since 1986 and were the pioneers of mobile phone dispatching in Australia.

SmartMove is a product of SmartMove Systems.

This blog post was created by the NSW Taxi Council together with our Strategic Partner - SmartMove.

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