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SYD Airport Community COVID-Safe Practices Reminder: Masks to be worn in terminals

Source: Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport has sent out a notification for the rules for masks in Airport Terminals to the NSW Taxi Council. Please see the notification for masks below:

Face masks are Mandatory in all Sydney Airport terminal buildings:

A reminder to all stakeholders working on airport precinct that face masks must be worn inside all terminals at SYD and on domestic commercial flights into and out of NSW.

The Health Order requiring the wearing of masks in airport terminals has not eased, and remains in place across both our domestic and international terminals. Individuals may be fined $200 on the spot for not wearing a face mask.

Masks may be removed when eating or drinking in food courts when individuals are seated, however masks must be worn on approach to, and when leaving those areas.

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to keeping SYDNEY safe.

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