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Taxi licence reforms transition to end 31 July 2023

The taxi licence reforms transition period is to end on 31 July 2023. The Minister for Transport, Jo Haylen, has stated that she intends to ask the NSW Governor to proclaim this date.

What this means for the taxi industry?

The transition period began on 1 February 2023, during this period the operator of a taxi service has been able to transition the taxi licence they are operating to a new (replacement) licence at no cost. Eligible operators of a taxi service who wish to transition their licence before the end of the transition period should do so now.

If you are eligible to transition to a new (replacement) licence and have yet to do so our taxi licence reforms fact sheet explains the simple process. Alternatively, call our Industry Contact Centre on 131 727 for assistance.

At the end of the transition period, 31 July, any licences that have not been replaced (transitioned to a new licence) will be cancelled, and anyone will be able to apply to the Point to Point Transport Commissioner for a taxi licence.

Do Wheelchair Accessible Taxi licence holders need to apply for a new (replacement licence)?

Yes, you will need to transition to the new licensing system and apply for a new (replacement) licence before the end of the transition period.

At the end of the transition period on 31 July, any remaining ‘old’ licences, including WAT licences, will be cancelled.

What happens after the transition period ends on 31 July?

From 1 August, under the new laws, taxi licences will be available from the Point to Point Transport Commissioner to any person who intends to operate a taxi service for an application fee of $200. All new taxi licences will be renewable annually and cannot be traded or leased.

Operating area restrictions will be lifted at the end of the transition period, and taxis will be able to provide services anywhere in NSW.

All operators providing a taxi service (taxi licence holders) will need to be connected to an authorised service provider, or be an authorised service provider, prior to applying for a licence, and should be aware that they have to comply with safety obligations under the point to point transport law.

If you require further information, please call the Commissioner’s Industry Contact Centre on 131 727.

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