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Update on NSW/Victoria Border Restrictions

Source: Point to Point Transport Commissioner Website

From Friday 4 September at midnight, restrictions on the NSW/VIC border will ease and the border region will be extended to 50km either side of the NSW/VIC border following an update to the Public Health Order.

Existing permits for people living in the Border Region and providing a critical service or for border zone residents will be replaced by the new Border Region Resident permit. Any valid permit held on 4 September 2020 will continue and be rolled into a new Border Region Resident Permit without the permit holder having to reapply.

What you need to do

The expansion of the border region means that you might be able to cross the border under a border region permit rather than a Critical Services – Transportation of Persons permit. To check to see if your address is within the new 50km, you can check the NSW Service website here.

What this means for you

Border Region residents will be permitted to cross the border and move within the Border Region for the purpose of:

  • Obtaining necessary goods or services;

  • Care or compassionate reasons;

  • Attending work or obtaining educational services (where it is not possible to work or obtain educational services from home); and

  • To move to a new place of residence.

Border Region Residents will be subject to the following conditions:

  • Entry from VIC to NSW is only allowed for a permitted purpose (listed in the dot points above);

  • Entry into NSW is not permitted if the person has been to an area in VIC beyond the Border Region in the last 14 days;

  • VIC residents are not permitted to travel beyond the Border Region in NSW;

For further guidance on what you can and can’t do under the border restrictions, you can read this guide.

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