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1 Million Litres of Fuel Pumped & $50,000 Savings in Fuel Costs Delivered via the Mobil Fuel Card

Congratulations to the NSW Taxi Industry on reaching the milestone of more than 1 million litres of fuel purchased as at 30 April 2023, using the Mobil "Taxi Fuel" Card.

The NSW Taxi Council and Mobil have established a special relationship to offer the NSW Taxi Industry savings in Taxi Fuel Costs. This has now translated to more than $50,000 of savings in Taxi Fuel Costs for Taxi Service Providers, Taxi Operators and Taxi Drivers in NSW.

We would like to take this opportunity to Thank the team at Mobil for their continued support.

We also Thank our valued members and stakeholders in the NSW Taxi Industry who have signed up and are using the Mobil "Taxi Fuel" Card.

Are you getting the best deal for your Taxi Fuel Costs?

Sign up for a Mobil "Taxi Fuel" Card & Save 4c to 6c per litre on your Taxi Fuel Costs. Get More Control, flexibility and generous account terms for payment of your Taxi fuel costs.

Please note, Mobil "Taxi Fuel" Card is a fuel card with a credit facility, where interested applicants express their interest, sign up, and are assessed by Mobil based on their Credit to finalise their eligibility for the card as an "Account Holder".

Subject to approval, the Mobil "Taxi Fuel" Card enables you to not pay for your Taxi Fuel Costs at the time of filling up, rather at the end of each month based on your account statement.

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