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Central Coast Sanitisation Station Opens

The NSW Taxi Council has been working continuously with the Point to Point Transport Commission and the NSW Government to ensure a COVID Safe NSW Taxi Industry. We are grateful to the Point to Point Transport Commission and Transport for NSW for granting eight sanitisation stations across regional and metro NSW. This helps the NSW Taxi Industry to ensure that the taxis are regularly sanitised and safe for passengers to travel around in a controlled environment.

Central Coast Taxis – a member network of the NSW Taxi Council has been successfully awarded a tender to operate a sanitisation station in the Central Coast of NSW. Peter Emery – Chairman, Central Coast Taxis commented on the importance of the sanitisation station for the regional NSW town and said, “We have many customers here in the Central Coast who have expressed concerns of being high risk to COVID-19. In addition to Taxis, we have many disability services and even Department of Education vehicles that also benefit from this by bringing in their vehicle to be sanitised. They are able to reduce the risk to their passengers, including young children and people with varying types of disabilities.”

The Central Coast community has many retirees calling the town their home. The services offered by Central Coast Taxis includes DVA customers and pensioners within retirement villages who require taxis and other transport services to get to doctor appointments and other social activities. There are also two major hospitals in the region (Gosford and Wyong Hospital), where testing for COVID-19 is being conducted. Hence, regular sanitisation of Taxis is extremely important considering the vulnerability of the region.

Furthermore, standard cleaning practices are being followed at the Central Coast sanitisation station to help reduce the spread and assist in maintaining driver and passenger safety. Each vehicle is directed into an available Bay for the Bay Attendant to begin sanitising. Starting with the inside of the vehicle, the Bay Attendant uses a pressurised spray bottle to disperse an even amount of sanitiser on all the touch points of the vehicle such as; seat belts, steering wheel, handbrake, centre console and each seat. Once the inside is complete, the outside touch points are also wiped down which including the door handles and the boot release.

Mr. Emery further added that, “We are sanitising approximately 30 taxis and 20 public passenger vehicles per day however with the help of TfNSW and Point to Point Transport Commission’s advertising and information on their webpages, the numbers are increasing.”

Central Coast Taxis is very proud to be an essential part of the community during this challenging period and will continue to provide 24/7 service to the community of the Central Coast, to ensure that we are always available.

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