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Confusion over the Taxi Plate Compensation in NSW features in The Daily Telegraph

Source - The Daily Telegraph (print version) article "Taxi Plate Sums Don't Add Up for Cabbies" by Mathew Benns

Martin Rogers - CEO, NSW Taxi Council has featured in an article in "Taxi Plate Sums Don't Add Up for Cabbies" by Mathew Benns in The Daily Telegraph (print version).

In the article Martin said, that the Industry is totally confused over how these compensation figures have been worked out and the announcement has left many in the industry disappointed. It amounts to less than 30 cents in the dollar for their loss.

The article further mentions that the plan for Taxi Compensation in the regions was developed by Sam Farraway - NSW Regional Transport and Roads Minister, which divides the region into four zones with repayments from $130,000 to $25,000.

The article highlights the disparity in payments between various areas of Regional NSW, as understood from a draft plan for the Assistance Package.

Additionally, the article also has a comment from Minister Farraway on the direction to Transport for NSW to set up services for regional plate owners to assist them with their queries regarding Taxi Plate Compensation.

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