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CTOA Roadshow Information Sessions in the South, South West and West region of NSW - September 2023

The CTOA Roadshow Information Sessions 2023 were held in Ulladulla in Southern NSW on 19 September 2023, Wagga Wagga in South West NSW on 20 September 2023 and Orange in Western NSW on 21 September 2023.

At each of the Information sessions, Taxis NSW Chairman - Geoff Ferris and CEO - Nick Abrahim provided an update to our members from the three regional areas.

It was also great to hear from our Members within the South, South West and West Region of NSW on matters impacting Taxis in their respective regions.

We also had a Point to Point Transport Commission representative attend each of these sessions to provide an industry update from a regulatory and safety perspective to our members.

Thank you to all the members from the South, South West and West region for attending the CTOA Roadshow Information Session and also the Point to Point Transport Commission.

We look forward to the Information Sessions in the North and North West region of NSW coming up in October 2023.

Photos from each of the sessions

South NSW Information Session in Ulladulla on 19 September 2023

South West NSW Information Session in Wagga Wagga on 20 September 2023

West NSW Information Session in Orange on 22 September 2023

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