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Face Masks are strongly recommended for Passengers and Drivers in Taxis

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The NSW Taxi Council has been continuously engaging with the Point to Point Transport Commissioner, Transport for NSW and NSW Health over the past three to four months to ensure a COVID safe NSW Taxi Industry.

As per the latest update from the Point to Point Transport Commissioner on face masks, NSW Health now advises that it is strongly recommended that customers when using the public transport network across NSW, and customer facing staff, wear a face mask.

Masks are also strongly recommended for passengers and drivers of Taxis and all other point to point transport vehicles.

Although the use of masks is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended where social distancing is not possible.

As social distancing is not possible in most point to point transport vehicles the wearing of masks is a reasonable and recommended line of defence in slowing the spread of Coronavirus.

Other measures include people staying at home if they are unwell, frequently washing their hands or using a hand sanitiser, physical distancing where possible and using the vehicle sanitisation stations where available

The NSW Taxi Council encourages all Taxi Service Providers to review their COVID-19 Safety Plan in light of NSW Health advice. At all times, Service Providers should be guided by their own work health and safety risk assessment.

Advice from the Point to Point Transport Commissioner to all the Taxi Drivers on how to handle and wear masks

For more information on face masks from the NSW Government such as:

  • why wear a mask

  • whom does it protect

  • when to wear a mask

  • types of masks

  • how to wear a mask and other related information.

For more information on face masks from the Australian government, go to Australian Government Department of Health.

How to make your own face masks?

The NSW Taxi Council found some ways to make your own face masks (DIY face masks). For further information, click here.

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