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Financial Assistance Update - Over 3,300 Applications Submitted & Frequently Asked Questions

Following a meeting we had with Transport for NSW this week, it was pleasing to hear that over 3,300 applications have been submitted - an additional 200 applications since last week.

It is positive to note that over 80% of applications have been submitted.

Transport for NSW will now shift focus towards processing applications.

The Industry call centre is able to provide an update on your application once every 30 days.

Please click here to read a FAQ document received from Transport for NSW which answers questions in relation to:

  • Application processing

  • When will you receive your cheque?

  • How long will it take before you have an outcome?

  • How can you change a detail or submit a document for an application you have already submitted

  • What should you do if the application submitted in your own name, not your company name

  • Responding to Transport for NSW email request for further documents

If you haven't started your application, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible.

For all assistance in regards to the Financial Assistance, please contact the dedicated Industry Contact Centre on 131 727.

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