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NSW Government Backbench Blows Up and Demands More Compensation for Taxi Licence Owners

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

11 October 2022

Source - The Daily Telegraph article "NSW taxi compensation package in tatters after backbench blow-up” by James O’Doherty

The half a billion dollar compensation package announced by the NSW Government for Taxi Licence Owners in NSW recently has been revolted against by the backbench of the NSW Government, as reported by The Daily Telegraph in the article “NSW taxi compensation package in tatters after backbench blow-up” by James O’Doherty.

It has been reported in the article that the NSW Government backbench MP’s have demanded from the leadership team of the NSW Government to pay more Compensation for Taxi Licence Holders in NSW.

The Daily Telegraph reports that this has compelled the leadership team of the NSW Government to make further changes to the announced compensation payments worth $100,000 for a Sydney Licence and up to $130,000 for licences in Regional NSW.

The article elaborates further on the party room meeting which happened on Tuesday, mentioning that the backbench critics have clearly indicated that the announced compensation would be unfair to Taxi Licence Owners and more needs to be done.

We understand from reading the article by James O’Doherty that Ray Williams was the first MP to criticise the $500 million compensation package as inadequate and appalling, in a “passionate” and “emotional” speech during the party room meeting.

The Daily Telegraph article further states that, (during the party room meeting), “at least half a dozen speakers all called for extra compensation as a matter of “fairness””.

It is a possibility that the legislation to authorise the compensation package may be introduced in the NSW Parliament, in a way to enable the NSW Government leadership team to get more time to find more money to pay compensation to Taxi Licence Owners in NSW, as cited in The Daily Telegraph article.

The news story also talks about the criticism of the NSW Government by the NSW Taxi Industry and the blaming of the former Transport Minister Andrew Constance by the current Transport Minister – David Elliott for proposing $25,000 compensation payments previously.

Towards the end, the article mentions the $200,000 compensation package for Taxi Licence Holders proposed by the current Transport Minister - David Elliott, which was knocked back by the Expenditure Review Committee of the NSW Government before the budget review back in June 2022.

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