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NSW Taxi Council and Business Sydney Advocate for More Taxi Ranks for Taxi Drivers

Business Sydney in collaboration with NSW Taxi Council called for a review of the location and availability of Taxi ranks in the CBD citing the ‘cabbies nightmare’ — the top ten Sydney hotspots creating serious access problems for the city’s Taxi drivers and their passengers. 


All ten, compiled in conjunction with the NSW Taxi Council, are creating difficulties on a daily basis with some also hindering the night time economy, which continues to struggle. 


Business Sydney Executive Director Paul Nicolaou said Sydney’s Taxi drivers and passengers had a shared interest in addressing the hotspots. 


“If Taxi drivers are having problems easily accessing parts of the city, it follows that the travelling public are also being inconvenienced,” Mr Nicolaou said. 


“The last thing we need is for visitors to find it difficult to get to the places they want to go to explore our beautiful city.


“And the last thing businesses in the night time economy need is for patrons to be hampered in their efforts to reach their venues.”


NSW Taxi Council CEO Nick Abrahim said drivers are simply looking for a fair go in accessing the city and its attractions. 


“Taxi drivers are among the best ambassadors for our city and they welcome the chance to show it off to interstate and international visitors,” Mr Abrahim said. 


“We need the support of relevant authorities to ease problems associated with the top ten hotspots.”




  1. Market Street between Pitt and George Street opposite the State Theatre— a totally inadequate three-cab rank in the CBD’s heart to service a theatre, nearby hotels and major retail outlets. 

  2. Moore Park Road at Allianz Stadium — already a nightmare after major events and now in greater need of urgent attention after the lifting of the concert cap.

  3. White Bay Cruise Terminal — Taxis are unable to access the terminal via the shortest route from Robert Street, Rozelle, and instead must use the circuitous James Craig Road route.

  4. Fullerton Hotel at Pitt Street and Martin Place — very difficult access due to the existence of the controversial Pitt Street bike lane, street furniture and narrow traffic lane. 

  5. Theatre Royal — Taxis are unable to pick up or set down theatregoers at the front of the popular theatre on King Street.

  6. Overseas Passenger Terminal Circular Quay — passengers are forced to take a circuitous route following George Street North’s narrowing to a single southbound lane. 

  7. The Crown precinct — congestion due to the Barangaroo Avenue rank having limited space making it hard for passengers to access Taxis. 

  8. Circular Quay — one of the busiest areas in the CBD, Alfred Street is difficult for Taxis to pick up passengers. A Taxi rank needs to be located on nearby Loftus Street adjacent to McDonalds. 

  9. Park Street near Pitt Street — the ultimate cabbies’ nightmare since the Taxi rank was lost for construction of the Metro.

  10. Sydney Opera House — the existing Taxi rank on Macquarie Street is on the ‘wrong’ side of the street. 


Exiting the newly opened W Sydney Hotel at Darling Harbour into the Western Distributor maze is also a challenge for cabbies that needs to be addressed. 


Some existing Taxi zones including one north of the Fullerton Hotel on Pitt Street and another in the vicinity of the Theatre Royal on King Street were badly located creating inconvenience for cab drivers and passengers.


Mr Nicolaou and Mr Abrahim said they looked forward to working with the NSW Government and the Council of the City of Sydney to address the Taxi access problems.


“It is in everyone’s interest for these problems to be addressed as soon as possible,” they said.

Source - Business Sydney Media Release


ABC Radio Sydney Breakfast Interview by Craig Reucassel with Nick Abrahim on 19 February 2024

Source - ABC Radio Sydney Breakfast


Daily Telegraph Article - "Sydney's 'nightmare' Taxi hotspots revealed" published on 19 February 2024

Source - Daily Telegraph

(Subscription to Daily Telegraph required)


Thank you to Business Sydney, The Daily Telegraph and ABC Radio Sydney  for your support highlighting this very important issue. 

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