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NSW Taxi Council and Rydo Technologies Announce Partnership

A key focus of NSW Taxi Council is to continually identify and partner with products and services that assist our members in running their businesses. Expanding these opportunities is of direct benefit to our members and ensures they have available to them products and services that keep them at the forefront of the Taxi industry.

(From left to right - Leila Diab - Head of Marketing, Rydo; Nickolas MIkhael - Head, Rydo and Greg Kay - Head of Memberships & Partnerships (Government and Corporate), NSW Taxi Council)

We have further added to these offerings, and the NSW Taxi Council is pleased to announce the addition of Rydo Technologies as another industry partner.

This partnership utilises NSW Taxi Council role as the recognised peak organisation for the NSW Taxi industry and a major contributor to the NSW public transport system as well as Rydo’s innovative leading edge technology as Australia’s Number 1 Taxi app “that takes you anywhere you need to be”.

With technology continuing to be vital in every aspect of Taxi and transport business, NSW Taxi Council embraces the need to accelerate and continuously enhance the development of technology solutions to ensure the industry and its members remain at the forefront of innovative implementation.

Please watch a video below announcing the partnership between NSW Taxi Council and Rydo Technologies

NSW Taxi Council and the Rydo Technologies partnership brings together the long standing and valuable contribution of essential transport services, together with the essential understanding and development of leading mobile App technology that is required for the processing, management, and distribution of booking and associated services to support NSW Taxi business operators and drivers in the ever changing global world we live in.

The NSW Taxi Council and Rydo Technologies partnership is a dynamic and proven combination that will deliver successful results for the NSW Taxi Industry.

“Partnering with Rydo Technologies (Australia’s Number 1 Taxi App) to deliver ongoing advanced technology App solutions and services for our NSW Taxi operators and drivers will allow our members to consistently deliver the best possible customer experience whilst also providing maximum business operating efficiencies”, said Greg Kay, NSW Taxi Council Head of Partnerships.

"Together, working in partnership, we will continue to unlock the full potential of technology solutions and allow our industry members to continue to progress on the best path for success in the new business technology landscape”.

In addition, Rydo will become a key partner in the NSW Taxi Industry Ecosystem, a strong network of members and partners to provide proprietary access to tools, technologies and service delivery capabilities that will deliver state of the art solutions for NSW Taxi business drivers and operators.

The NSW Taxi Industry has more than 200 authorised Taxi networks, over 5,000 Taxi operators and more than 30,000 authorised drivers.

The opportunity to connect with Rydo’s App technology and its commitment to ongoing development, will ensure that the NSW Taxi industry will continue to meet the current and future needs of the transport market.

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