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NSW Taxi Council offers COVID safe Taxis as a solution for passengers arriving at Sydney Airport

Image courtesy: 7 News Sydney

In order to minimise the risks to Taxi Drivers, the NSW Taxi Council would like to see passengers from Victoria consider that their isolation begins at Melbourne Airport and they continue to wear their masks as they transit through the Sydney Airport terminal into a Taxi, going to the point of their 14 Day isolation.

Taxis are one of the safest mode of transport available for the public in NSW, apart from personal cars, as the Taxi provides a controlled environment and sanitisation can occur between trips, if required.

Taxis help healthy people stay healthy, by enabling them to travel in a controlled environment.

On 4 August 2020, Martin Rogers - CEO, NSW Taxi Council was interviewed by 7 News, 10 News and ABC News on the issue of passengers arriving from Melbourne at the Sydney Domestic Airport. Mr. Rogers talked about the challenges facing the industry, the safety measures taken and also the solution being offered by the NSW Taxi Industry for the NSW Government.

The NSW Taxi Council is offering the NSW Government a solution in the form of London Taxis, Taxis with Driver Screens as well as Maxi Taxis to help separate passengers and drivers safely.

This will allow the transport of passengers in a controlled manner, from the airport to their point of isolation, with minimal interaction with the rest of the community.

Please click on the links below to watch these interviews and the news stories:

7 News


10 News



Click here to watch the interview and the news story (play and skip to 3 minutes 42 seconds in the video)


The NSW Taxi Council continues to work closely with its member networks and takes health advice from the Point to Point Transport Commissioner, NSW Health and the NSW Government, as we all work together for a COVID safe NSW Taxi Industry.

For more information on London Taxis, part of the COVID safe solution being offered to the NSW Government for safe transportation of passengers from Sydney Domestic Airport, click here.

(Source: 7 News, 10 News & ABC News)

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