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NSW Taxi Council Successfully Advocates for an Increase in Taxi Fares by 10 cents per KM

The NSW Taxi Council has succesfully advocated for an Increase in Taxi Fares in NSW.

Transport for NSW approved the increase to maximum rank and hail fares by 10 cents per KM for each of the distance charges set out in the fares order from 1 January 2023.

Taxi Drivers are requested to contact their Taxi Service Provider (Taxi Network) for further information/questions about the Fare Increase and changes to the fare calculation devices.

Please see below more excerpts from the letter received from the Secretary, Transport for NSW:

Transport for NSW notes that the current industry environment and market dynamics support an increase in the maximum rank and hail Taxi Fare including:

  • There has been no increase in nominal fares since 2014;

  • The Taxi industry is still recovering from the impact of the Covid pandemic;

  • After an extended period of low inflation, the CPI has increased, with Sydney recording an annual CPI increase of 7 per cent in the September quarter, putting pressure on industry costs. Persistent inflationary pressures are forecast.

  • The fuel excise holiday period has ended.

The new fares order took effect on 1 January 2023 and has been published on the NSW legislation website. Any Taxi Service Provider wishing to use the higher fares will need to comply with the requirements of the Point to Point Transport laws, including publishing their own fare structure on their website, displaying it on each of their Taxi vehicles and adjusting fare calculation devices.

The Secretary also thanked the NSW Taxi Council for the advocacy efforts and mentioned in the letter, "I appreciate that it is a time of significant change for the Taxi industry and I thank you again for your representations on behalf of your members."

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