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QR codes rolled out - Taxis continue to help healthy people stay healthy in NSW

The NSW Taxi Council has been working with Service NSW and the Point to Point Transport Commission on a QR code solution for the NSW Taxi Industry. We are delighted to see two of the NSW Taxi Council member networks - Legion Cabs and Premier Cabs lead with a trial involving QR codes in Taxis to help with contact tracing. Following on from the QR code trial with Premier Cabs and Legion Cabs, this initiative is now being rolled out to all member networks of the NSW Taxi Council over the coming weeks.

The NSW Minister for Customer Services - The Hon. Victor Dominello, MP, said, ‘’I commend the Taxi industry for its leadership and putting the safety of drivers and passengers first. Taxis have a large footprint across the State and the collaboration between the NSW Government and the NSW Taxi Council will give the community peace of mind that their safety is being prioritised. This is a great example of being COVID-Smart as well as COVID-safe. The Service NSW check-in app is a powerful technology and any industry that is serious about safety should be using it.”

Representatives of the trial recently met with Minister Dominello at NSW Parliament to demonstrate the QR code stickers active in Taxis.

Joining the Minister were Martin Rogers – CEO, NSW Taxi Council; Nick Abrahim – Deputy CEO, NSW Taxi Council; Lee Furlong - Chairman NSW Taxi Council and Assistant General Manager, Legion Cabs; Stuart Palmer – Business Development Director, Transport Network Services (Premier Cabs) and other representatives from Legion and Premier Cabs who have been heavily involved in the trial activation.

The QR code technology has been adapted for enabling effective and efficient contact tracing specifically for Taxis providing Rank and Hail services in NSW. The check in by passengers is highly recommended for passengers every time they hop into a Taxi in NSW. Also, the data collected by the Service NSW app is deleted in 28 days.

The Point to Point Transport Commission while explaining the process and utility of QR codes in Taxis, states that, ‘’Passengers are asked to scan the QR Code on the sticker or seat card with their mobile phone to check-in to the Service NSW app and provide their contact details before commencing, or during their trip. NSW health encourages commuters to sit in the back and wear a mask.’’

The Commission further added, ‘’The QR Code check-in keeps a record of the passenger journey and this data is shared with NSW Health in a case where contact tracing is required. The use of QR codes in Taxis is voluntary, so if a passenger refuses to scan the QR code during their journey, a driver does not have the right to refuse the fare.’’

The NSW Taxi Council is grateful to the NSW Government for assisting the industry in putting various safety measures in place and ensuring that Taxis in NSW are COVID-safe and with the QR codes now rolled out, also COVID smart.

The NSW Point to Point Transport Commission along with the NSW Government has established 12 government funded sanitisation stations across Greater Sydney as well as regional NSW where Taxis can get sanitised at no cost. There is also a privately funded sanitisation station at Sydney Airport, run by GM Cabs.

Taxi drivers have also been given Clean up kits to ensure hygiene standards while they are providing services to passengers. Prevention is better than cure. The sanitisation stations, the clean up kits, the QR code technology for contact tracing via Service NSW app and the COVID safe guidelines working together would ensure that optimum safety measures are in place to ensure a COVID safe as well as COVID smart NSW Taxi Industry.

Martin Rogers – CEO, NSW Taxi Council stated that, ‘’We are thankful for the collaborated efforts, co-operation, support and swift response from the Minister for Customer Services - The Hon. Victor Dominello, the Point to Point Transport Commission, the NSW Government as well as the Taxi Service Providers and their staff to ensure a COVID safe Taxi ride for the passengers as well drivers in NSW. Taxis are the one of the most COVID-safe forms of transport available for passengers and their loved ones in NSW. The safety measures in place for Taxis are helping individuals in taking responsibility for the safety and care of themselves and others - Taxis continue to help Healthy People Stay Healthy in NSW."

Take a Taxi today for a COVID-safe and COVID-smart trip from Point A to Point B.

For any Taxi Service Providers wanting to take part in the QR Code roll out, please send your expressions of interest to:

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