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Sydney Airport Update: Ground Transport Access Fee System Price Adjustment

Source - Sydney Airport (SYD)

Please see below the Communications received from Sydney Airport regarding adjustment to the Ground Transport Access Fee Price

Dear NSW Taxi Council, Network Operators & Drivers, As the gateway to Australia, Sydney Airport is committed to delivering a seamless airport experience for its passengers each year. Our ground access network is integral to shaping this experience, playing a vital role in the airport’s ground transport system. To reflect the recovery in traffic and associated investment in service improvements to services and facilities for ground access vehicles, Sydney Airport will adjust its Ground Transport Access Fee System charges on 21 June 2023 from $5.10 to $5.45, representing a 6.9% increase. There will be no change to passenger drop-off arrangements. These fees are reinvested in improvements to the roads within the airport precinct to enhance the experience for drivers and passengers, as well further investment in day-to-day kerbside and traffic management. The basis of the increase is centred around the following:

  • This increase is not just centred on taxis, it covers all forms of ground access into the airport including the priority pick up (PPU) areas (meaning rideshare operators will also see an increase in access fees)

  • SYD investment in the Gateway project currently under way, which will provide a more seamless journey to the airport

  • Ongoing maintenance of the road infrastructure

  • Increases from cleaning, maintenance, and kerbside management vendors

  • SYD have maintained the taxi toilets at our own expense in the holding area including ongoing security charges at this site due to an incident some years ago

  • CPI for the past 12 months is 7.0%, measured from Q1 2022 until Q1 2023

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