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Taxi Fuel - Enquire Now to Lower Your Fuel Costs

Are you a NSW Taxi Operator, a NSW Taxi Driver or a NSW Taxi Network interested in lowering the ongoing fuels costs for your Taxi?

We are here to assist you!

As the peak body of NSW Taxi Industry, we have established a new relationship with Mobil Oil Australia and you can now apply for your new Mobil Fuel Card and get a special reduced price for fuel costs and related fuel products!

Special Discounts are available of between 4c and 6c per litre (depending on fuel product) at all Mobil branded stations and 7 Eleven merchant sites.

In Regional NSW there are potential additional annual fuel savings with Mobil brands (before discounts) of between $1,500 and $2,900 (based on indicative 60KL per annum) in comparison with the other major fuel retailers **

**based on information provided by Mobil and specifically data collected from 1 January to 16 June 2021 (1736 data points) covering 40+ locations

Other benefits and reasons why you should apply for your Taxi Mobil card are –

  1. You will be supported by a dedicated Mobil customer service team who offer local support for your taxi business

  2. No card Fees and generous account terms (up to 51 days to pay)

  3. In addition to fuel your Mobil card will also provide deals and discounts on tyres, batteries and servicing

  4. Account can be set up to cover multiple taxis (each vehicle with own card) and can be specifically tailored for use of various fuels and products

  5. Easy to understand management system with monthly record fully itemising all purchases for assistance with business and taxation recording

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