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Taxi Legislation Bill Voted on and Passed in LA. Bill to be Voted and Passed in LC Tomorrow

Last night the Point to Point Transport (Taxis and Hire Vehicles) Amendment Bill 2022 (the proposed Taxi Legislation) was debated in the Legislative Assembly (Lower House).

The debate went for almost three hours with contributions from Members of Parliament of various Political Parties and the Bill was voted on and passed just before midnight. There was an amendment to the Bill for a Statutory review after two years of the commencement of the Bill.

Ms. Jo Haylen MP for Summer Hill, Labor Party said, "On behalf of the Opposition, I move an amendment that I know will be agreed to by the NSW Government. This common-sense amendment allows for a statutory review after two years from the commencement of the bill. As I noted earlier, Taxi plate holders have waited too long—seven years—for the bill. They should not have to wait any longer. We need to get this right. Point to point transport in New South Wales is evolving very quickly and I share the strong views expressed by my colleagues that a statutory review would allow us to respond to the reality of deregulation some two years on from the commencement of the bill".

The Bill will now be debated and voted on in the Legislative Council (Upper House) Tomorrow.

We Thank all the following Members Of Parliament who contributed to the debate in the Legislative Assembly (Lower House) -

Jo Haylen MP, Ray Williams MP, Steve Kamper MP, Adam Crouch MP, Jenny Leong MP, Jenny Aitchison MP, Alex Greenwich MP, Jihad Dib MP, Kate Washington MP, Lynda Voltz MP, Dr Joe McGirr MP, Stuart Ayres MP, Liesl Tesch MP, Chris Gulaptis MP, Julia Finn MP, Sophie Cotsis MP and David Elliott MP.

Please download the Hansard to read the contributions made by the MP's during the debate on the Proposed Taxi Legislation

Legislative Assembly Hansard - 15 November 2022 - Proof
Download PDF • 506KB


Taxi Licence Owners Ashley & Sharla Clark-Smith travelled from Ballina to join the CEO of Taxis NSW - Martin Rogers in the public gallery, to listen to the debate on the proposed Taxi Legislation

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