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Taxi Licence Transition - FAQ's & Everything You Need to Know

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

A message from Anthony Wing - Point to Point Transport Commissioner

In response to the Point to Point Independent Review in 2020, the Point to Point Transport (Taxis and Hire Vehicles) Amendment Act 2022 was passed on 17 November 2022. This Act provides a package of reforms to help the point to point transport industry provide more choice and availability of services for customers. A financial assistance scheme for eligible taxi licence owners has been announced along with a new licensing system.

Under the new laws, the person or company who operates the taxi service (taxi licence holder) will need to have a licence in their name and transition to a new (replacement) licence.The Point to Point Transport Commissioner will manage the transition to the new licensing framework for operators of a taxi service (taxi licence holders) and taxi licence owners. Transport for NSW will manage the financial assistance scheme for existing taxi licence owners.

Applications for both will be available from 1 February 2023.

This email provides important information on the taxi licence transition period, beginning 1 February. During this period, a person who operates a taxi service (taxi licence holder) can obtain a new (replacement) licence at no cost, it is a simple process to complete and they can keep their current number plate.

After the transition period, which is expected to run for approximately three months, any licences that have not been replaced will be cancelled, and anyone will be able to apply to the Point to Point Transport Commissioner for a taxi licence.

From 1 February 2023, taxi licences can no longer be transferred, traded or sold. Under the new licensing system, the person who operates the taxi will be the person who holds the taxi licence.

For information on the Financial Assistance Scheme, please go to Transport for NSW’s website on the reforms.

We ask that you share this information with your stakeholders who operate taxi services (taxi licence holders).

Refer to the below sections to learn more about Taxi Licence Transition


Frequently Asked Questions on Taxi Licence Transition (FAQ's)

Who is a Taxi Licence Holder?

Currently, a taxi licence holder is the person or corporation/ partnership who operates a taxi service, either using a licence they own or one they lease from someone else.

Under the new law, the taxi licence holder remains the person, corporation or partnership who operates the taxi service and their name will now appear on the licence.

Under the point to point transport law, taxi licence holders have safety obligations which they must comply with.

Who needs to know about the taxi licence reforms?

If I operate a taxi service and do not own the licence, what do I need to do?

What happens to the previous licence?

What about leasing arrangements?

Can taxi licences be transferred after 1 February?

What if I operate a taxi but have the plates on hold at Service NSW?

I am currently a taxi licence owner and want to continue operating a taxi service?

Do the conditions regarding areas of operation remain in place during the transition period?

I am a Wheelchair Accessible Taxi (WAT) licence holder, do I need to apply for a new (replacement) licence?

What happens after the transition period has finished?

Where can I get help?


Join one of the Information Session and one on one support workshops by the Point to Point Transport Commissioner

The Commissioner’s team will also be holding a series of workshops to provide one on one support for taxi licence holders looking to gain further information and/or assistance.

During these workshops, Commissioner's team members will be available for one on one 15 minute sessions to assist with understanding how the changes affect individuals and how to transition to a new replacement licence.

To book a 15 minute session, please click on “Register” next to the location nearest you in the list below.

Goulburn - 1 February - Register

Wagga Wagga - 2 February - Register

Wollongong - 7 + 8 February - Register

Newcastle - 13 + 14 February - Register

Orange - 17 February - Register

Tamworth - 23 February - Register

Coffs Harbour - 24 February - Register

Please note: Metropolitan dates will be released shortly.

All events will be COVID safe. Social distancing guidelines will be followed and there will be hand sanitiser provided and masks available. Staff will be available for ad hoc walk-in appointments, however, in order to limit waiting and ensure access to staff, appointments are strongly encouraged.

We Thank the Point to Point Transport Commission for assisting us with the above information.

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