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Taxis play a vital role in helping Veterans participate in the Anzac Day march

Member networks of the NSW Taxi Council - GM Cabs, RSL Cabs, Legion Cabs, Premier Cabs and Manly Cabs, as well as the Taxi services of Infinite Cabs, Tuk Tuk Taxis and WAV Cabs, together with our partners - RSL NSW, had the honour and privilege of transporting 30 of our respected veterans for the Anzac Day commemorations on Sunday 25 April 2021. The Taxis transported the veterans from their respective residence to the Form Up Area for the Anzac Day march on Elizabeth Street in the Sydney CBD.

Talking about the significance of Anzac Day, Mr Albert Collins, a 105 year old World War II Veteran transported in a Taxi to the march said ''Anzac Day Commemorations are about Camaraderie – of all the men and women that I met, when Australia was in need of our support. The people I met, I have great respect for. Our country people are valuable and I found that, in times of trouble, they stick with you".

Mr Collins further added ''My journey in Taxis to the march was beautiful. For me, getting to the march is much better now than before. I now find it easier and more comfortable. The driver took good care of me. Getting a Taxi back home has also been a better experience".

Mr Collins was transported from his residence in Bankstown to the march by Legion Cabs driver, Mr Mahmoud Youseff.

Taxis play a vital role in helping many Veterans attend and take part in the march. For many of our Veterans, Taxis may be the only means of being able to attend and participate due to mobility and accessibility challenges they may be enduring. It allows these senior veterans to conserve their strength so that they are able to pay their respects during the march to their past comrades. Taxis have been used to transport veterans who have suffered physical disability as a result of their war service for many decades.

The NSW Taxi Council said, ''Anzac Day provides an opportunity for stakeholders in the Taxi Industry to say thank you to all those who have served – Past and Present as well as providing an opportunity to “give back” as a small token of our appreciation to those who serve and have served. Whilst we are extremely honoured to help all Veterans being transported to the march, Mr Collins brings another element to this honour, being the eldest Veteran to take part in the march. We were also proud to transport 103 year old Veteran, Ms Iris Terry, who attended the march for her first time, arriving in a GM Cab London Taxi, driven by Mr Ian Martin Brown".

The NSW Taxi Industry is very proud of the long standing partnership with RSL NSW. The NSW Taxi Council and RSL NSW have worked together for many decades to transport our respected veterans.

RSL NSW said "We are greatly appreciative of the effort made by the Taxi Industry in making such a successful activity for these veterans. ANZAC Day is the most important day of the year for our veterans. It not only allows them to acknowledge those who paid the supreme sacrifice, it also allows them to reconnect and enjoy the benefits that come with a common bond forged through their service in the ADF."

RSL NSW further added, ''The support provided to our WWII veterans by the Taxi industry was essential in providing a comfortable and safe journey into the March. The continuing support shown by the Taxi industry recognises these traditions and ensures that many veterans who would otherwise not be able to come into the March are able to pay their respects and be recognised for their service to this country".

The NSW Taxi Industry understands the need to continue to support our Veterans and acknowledges their unique role in providing for the freedoms and liberty we enjoy in Australia today. Rain, hail or sunshine - we will get you there safely, comfortably and with the utmost respect.

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