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Visit your local NSW State Member of Parliament to sign the NSW Taxi Industry Pledge

Play the video by Martin Rogers, CEO, NSW Taxi Council


Download the Pledge to get it signed by your Local MP

We need your support to once again make an appointment with your local MP to ask them to sign a copy of the NSW Taxi industry pledge to show their support for fair and equitable compensation for your Taxi licence.


Let us know which Local MP you are able to visit to get the NSW Taxi Industry Pledge Signed

We request you to click on the link below to let us know who your local MP is. It is critical and of utmost importance that each and every Member of Parliament signs the NSW Taxi Industry Pledge and is visited by our members and we would immensely appreciate your assistance in this regard.


Send us a copy of the Signed Pledge and a picture of your Local MP with the signed pledge

Once signed, please email a copy of the pledge and the picture of your Local MP (as shown above) with the signed pledge to us at or post to PO Box 1249 Darlinghurst NSW 1300. If your local MP declines your offer to meet or sign the pledge could you please let us know as soon as possible.


Information to leave with your Local MP


We can't stop now. It is critical we keep the push going

As you may or may not be aware Transport for NSW are preparing a Bill on further reforms to be introduced into NSW Parliament in early 2022. They are proposing to cancel existing Taxi licences with inadequate compensation and issue unlimited annual licences for a small fee. They are also proposing to remove areas of operation and deregulate fares. The NSW Government deregulation and reform proposals are short-sighted and put at risk the viability of local, small business owners and the delivery of vital services to the community.


The NSW Taxi Council will be submitting the pledges sent by you and signed by the NSW Members of Parliament to the NSW Government to advocate for fair and proper compensation for Taxi Licence Owners in NSW, get the reforms right and enable provision of certainty to communities and customers who rely on Taxis, especially vulnerable user groups across the State and those in regional and rural NSW.

As the peak body for the Taxi industry in NSW we have enjoyed and continue to encourage discussion with all of industry and welcome any ideas and suggestions. Ongoing collaboration showing one united voice is the right way forward.

Visiting your local MP and getting the NSW Taxi Industry pledge signed is the most important and urgent action you can do right now.

As we always say, a chorus sings louder than any one person.

Thank you for being part of that chorus.

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