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‘We’ve been wiped out’: Taxi industry feels dudded by NSW budget

Source - 2GB

Taxi drivers say they feel abandoned after being left out of the latest NSW budget.

Treasurer Matt Kean made more than $40 billion worth of announcements yesterday, but there was nothing for cab drivers, who have been seeking compensation for more than 6 years.

The emergence of ride-sharing services have seen the value of the cab plates fall from $350,000 to effectively nothing.

Ben Fordham says: “This is not the fault of Uber, it’s a lack of government regulation.”

A proposal to increase the ride share levy from $1 to $2 in March never got off the ground.

More than 60 state MPs have signed a petition calling for a major rescue package.

Martin Rogers, NSW Taxi Council CEO, told Ben Fordham Treasurer Matt Kean will not come to the table.

“For some reason, the Treasurer has decided not to consider the proposal,” he said.

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