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Would you walk 'A Mile in My Shoes' and listen to my story?

Source: Australian National Maritime Museum

The NSW Taxi Council recently had the opportunity to connect with the Australian National Maritime Museum – one of the major event venues in Sydney and also a good source of fares for Taxi Drivers in Sydney.

The Australian National Maritime Museum have recently launched a great initiative called “A Mile in My Shoes”. Twenty-five million people call Australia home – and each person has a story. ‘A Mile in my Shoes’ shines a light on the extraordinarily diverse experience of immigrants to Australia.

Originally created by the UK Empathy Museum, this immersive art experience invites visitors to literally walk in someone else’s shoes and listen to their story, promoting empathy and compassion. In these challenging and disruptive times, the aim of this project is to hopefully soften the hearts and minds of everyone who participates in it and be a balm for Australia’s migrants and their friends.

The experience plans to invite visitors to literally walk in someone else’s shoes. Inside in a giant shoebox, visitors are provided with a stranger’s pair of shoes and an audio recording and are encouraged to walk a mile to understand where that person came from and what has shaped their personal story.

The goal of the initiative is to capture and share up to 35 uniquely Australian stories of immigrants, bringing to life wonderful stories of resilience and generosity. The project will be free to the public and the stories will be available online for visitors who cannot attend in person.

The Australian National Maritime Museum wants to bring this experience to Sydney in January 2021. Events, activities and major venues providing world class experiences like this in Sydney have come to almost a standstill in 2020 because of the pandemic. The Australian National Maritime Museum has been significantly impacted and disrupted because of the restrictions imposed to stop the spread. Whilst the museum is passionate about continuing to develop new and exciting opportunities to address social cohesion and community spirit, they need our help to bring this powerful initiative to life.

(Video featuring Craig Foster)

To bring this exhibition to Sydney, they need support. To help the Australian National Maritime Museum's initiative, donate here on their crowd funding campaign website here.

Want to learn more about 'A Mile in My Shoes'? Find it out on the Australian National Maritime Museum's website here.

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