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NSW Taxi Industry Calls for Appropriate Support from the NSW Government

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

The NSW Taxi Council together with the Country Taxi Operators Association are calling on the NSW Government to make further adjustments to a number of recommendations to the NSW Government Independent Review led by Sue Baker-Finch.

The CEO of the NSW Taxi Council, Martin Rogers, said “We don’t accept that all of the recommendations of the Independent Review by Sue Baker-Finch should be adopted. Our focus is on ensuring fair and just compensation for all Taxi Licence Owners, seeing passengers across all of NSW have access to a viable and affordable Taxi Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and a system that supports drivers being able to make a reasonable earning.”

If we don’t get these further reforms right it will be detrimental, resulting in services being cut, lower driver earnings making it difficult to earn a living income and tax payer funds being required to underwrite these services, in particular, in Regional NSW.

Not to mention adding to the already increasing congestion being experienced in major cities.

Moving to a provider neutral approach to subsidies and incentives should mean a provider needs to offer the complete fleet mix of vehicles, including sedans and wheelchair accessible vehicles. Not cherry picking the ones that are most profitable at the expense of the most vulnerable in our society. It would be discriminatory not to.

We appreciate the recognition by the NSW Government that more assistance is required and we’ve accepted the Ministers invitation to work together to get the detail correct and get these reforms right.

Please see below the Media Release from the NSW Government, response to the reports and the Point to Point Reforms announced by the NSW Government today.

Media Release from the NSW Government - Click here to read

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NSW Government's response to the Point to Point Independent Review 2020 - Click here to read

Point to Point Transport Reforms 2021

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